So after great deliberation by all who attended the meeting at the pub last Wed, it was decided that The Bluebird Acoustic Cafe would come to a very graceful end and................................... The Bluebird Acoustic Sessions would emerge from the ashes :) The Bluebird Acoustic Sessions will take place from February on the second Thursday of the month at The Kings Arms Public House in Stratton-on-the-Fosse, it will take the same format as we had at the hall and there will be a PA and microphones set up, as well as The Bluebird piano (Hopefully !), the only exception is that the cafe side of things will cease, however the bar will of course be open. This was a unanimous decision by all that attended, after looking at all the options available to us. Sara, Jo and myself have run the Bluebird for just over four and a half years, and we have had a blast and made some incredible friends in the process, and we like to think that we have encouraged a few people along the way to get up and have a go and grow in confidence............. But the Bluebird needs revitalising and unfortunately we, as a group can no longer be the driving forces, we've all looked out the window on a beautiful and glorious Sunday and thought, lets hit the beach....... We haven't been able to do that when the Cafe was on and due to my shifts we get very few weekends together as a family, so it's time for a change and time to put our families first. I will still play a part in The Bluebird Acoustic Sessions and will attend and help out when work commitments allow but as from Feb, a group of Bluebird Stalwarts will be taking it in turns to Host the eve, along with myself and hopefully it will turn into the community event that it should be. At this stage of the game, it is intended that entry will be free for everyone, the only expectation is that you buy some drinks to support the pub, and roughly 3 times a year we will host a Bluebird Showcase in a local venue. We have arranged an end of Cafe party on Sat 20th January and we are hoping that Bluebird Performers old and new will come along and see the Cafe off in style, it would be awesome to see as many faces  as possible, slots will be limited so it is important to let me know if you would like to perform as soon as possible. I really hope that you are as excited as we are about the changes and that you will help to make The Kings Arms our new home :) :) :) Any questions, please feel free to contact me." - Gary Maule, Bluebird Acoustic Cafe founder.